Innkeeper Game (Footage and Art Assets)

Game Footage

Player Innkeeper Sprite


Bar Stool


Floor Design

Main Lobby Room Design

Table Mess

Quest Log

Rival Letter



Female Patron Sprite

Female Patron Sitting Sprite Sheet

Female Patron Sleep Sprite

Male Patron Sprite

Male Patron Sitting Sprite Sheet

Male Patron Sleep Sprite

Patron Sleep Notification Icon

Patron Happy Notification Icon

Patron Quest Notification Icon

Patron Sad Notification Icon

Patron Table Notification Icon

Bass Minstrel

Flute Minstrel

Guitar Minstrel

Lute Minstrel

Piano Minstrel

Gray Decoration Painting

Blue Decoration Painting

Green Decoration Painting

Orange Decoration Painting

Blue Decoration Flowers

Green Decoration Flowers

Pink Decoration Flowers

Purple Decoration Flowers

Store UI Background

Bed Icon for Store

Table Icon for Store

Minstrel Icon for Store

Gold Icon for Store


A 2D, pixel based, top-down video game where the player plays as an innkeeper tending to patrons. The goal is to earn money and beat your rival innkeeper within a week’s time, or else you must close down your inn and move out of town.


Educational purposes only.




Video Game